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Date: May 30, 2023

The start of the summer season is upon us! According to ABC News, AAA expects that “42.3 million Americans” will travel fifty miles or more this Memorial Day weekend. The Senior Vice President of AAA Travel, Paula Twidale, told ABC News that this weekend will be the “third busiest since 2000.” A record-topping summer travel season is anticipated as well.

            AAA predicts that 2023 holiday weekend travel will increase by “6%” from 2022 as “37.1 million Americans” will be driving on the roads. Before traveling to your family’s barbecue or pool party this weekend, strongly consider these holiday weekend driving recommendations.  Consider anticipated traffic when planning your departure time. Experts suggest hitting the roads in the morning as traffic is at its lowest. Additionally, it is strongly encouraged that drivers travel on lighter traffic days such as Saturday, May 27, or Sunday, May 28. Bob Pischue, a transportation analyst at INRIX” said that knowing the areas where traffic will build before driving on the road will help cut down delays on the road. He advises drivers to take an alternative route or not drive during heavy traffic hours.

A plus for drivers this holiday weekend is that the Energy Information Administration (EIA) reports that current average gas prices ($3.53 / gallon) have taken a dip from last year ($4.00/gallon). However, Pischue reminds drivers that with cheaper gas prices comes heavier traffic on the roads.

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Intern, Dougherty Leventhal & Price, LLP