By The Numbers: The Mighty Marcellus Continues to Fuel Job Creation

Date: May 31, 2011

New Pa. Govt. Data Shows The Rate of Marcellus Job Creation “Is Accelerating”; Employment Up 1300% In N. Tier

Canonsburg, Pa. – The Pennsylvania Department of Labor & Industry – like a host of news outlets across the region and the nation – continues to keep a watchful eye on the powerful job creation engine called the Marcellus Shale, the world\’s second largest natural gas field behind one in Iran.

In its recent “Marcellus Shale: Fast Facts” employment overview, the Center for Workforce Information & Analysis – a research arm of the Dept. of Labor & Industry –   demonstrates clearly, with new data, the Marcellus Shale\’s sustained, growing and unmatched economic strength. In fact, according to this independent, government data, “The number of new hires across the [Marcellus producing regions] is nearly double in 2011Q1 than what it was in 2010Q1; [indicating] that while new employees continue to be hired, the rate is accelerating.”

Under the headline “Marcellus Shale drilling creates 48000 jobs, report says,” thePatriot-News reports this:

Nearly 48,000 people have been hired in the last year by industries related to drilling in the Marcellus Shale, and 71 percent of those people were Pennsylvania residents. Nine thousand of them were hired in the first three months of 2011. The average salary was higher than the statewide average. And the rate of hiring is accelerating.

And a Dept. of Labor and Industry spokesman tells the Citizens Voice that Marcellus-related jobs are “far and away the fastest growing” in the Commonwealth.

Below is an overview of these staggering economic impact and employment figures from theDept. of Labor & Industry – which notes that “areas with Marcellus Shale drilling activity have seen notable decreases in unemployment rates” – by the numbers:

New Marcellus Hires in 2011 ALONE

There were 9,000 new hires in these two
(core and ancillary) industry groups in the
first quarter of 2011 alone.

Increase in Marcellus Employment

Marcellus Employment (2008 Q1 to 2010 Q3):

Core industries were up 8,700 (+94%).

Marcellus Related Jobs

Marcellus Employment (2008 Q1 to 2010 Q3):

2010 Q3 Marcellus Shale industries
total employment is 141,000.

Average Marcellus Wage

Marcellus Wages (2009 Q4 to 2010 Q3):

The average wage in the core industries was $69,995, which is more than $24,500 greater
than the statewide average.

New Marcellus Hires

New Marcellus Hires (2009 Q4 to 2011 Q1):

48,000 new hires within the Marcellus Shale
core and ancillary industries.

Employment Increase in the N. Tier

Northern Tier saw an increase of 1,109
employees from 2008 Q1 to 2010 Q3,
for an increase of nearly 1300%.

Employment Increase in Central Pa.

The Central Workforce Investment Area (WIA)
was second in terms of employment
growth by volume and percentage,
increasing employment by more than 660%.


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