CMS Staffing Rule Expected in 2024

CMS Staffing Rule Expected in 2024
Date: February 6, 2024

The CMS staffing rule that was proposed back in September of 2023 has plans to be finalized this year. Dora Hughes, MD, acting CMS chief medical officer and acting director of the Center for Clinical Standards and Quality shared that “the team received more than 46,000 comments on the proposal, which are being used to inform the development of the final rule, which we intend to finalize this year.”

Due to the extremely large number of comments received, some providers expected CMS to take over a year to finalize the mandate. Not to mention, the rule sparked a lot of controversy. Just recently, The American Health Care Association (AHCA) /National Center for Assisted Living wrote, “It is unfortunate that CMS plans to move forward with this rule despite the vast amount of concerns from a variety of stakeholders… This unfunded staffing mandate will have a compounding and detrimental effect on seniors’ access to long-term care.”

However, what AHCA fails to mention is that when staffing requirements are not met, the quality of care for our loved ones decline. CMS’s staffing mandate will positively shape the long-term care community and provide better care for residents.

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