DLP is dedicated to advocating for victims of nursing home abuse and neglect in Wayne County, Pennsylvania. Contact us today to arrange your complimentary consultation! As reported by AP News: “Federal authorities launch an investigation into the misuse of antipsychotic medications in nursing homes.”

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Date: September 26, 2023
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AP News has released an article addressing concerns surrounding the use of antipsychotic medications in nursing homes and instances where residents have been inaccurately diagnosed with schizophrenia. These issues are currently under federal scrutiny, with specific nursing homes in the United States facing investigations by the CMS.

Regrettably, there is substantial evidence indicating that certain nursing homes have deliberately administered antipsychotic drugs to residents for an extended period. One of the tactics employed by these facilities has been the improper diagnosis of residents with schizophrenia. This revelation is deeply unsettling, as such unethical practices in nursing homes can potentially lead to severe consequences, including fatalities. Secretary of Health and Human Services, Xavier Becerra, is committed to cracking down on these practices to alleviate the concerns of nursing home residents’ families.

Last autumn, the HHS Office of the Inspector General released a report showing a significant rise in schizophrenia diagnoses in nursing homes between 2015 and 2019. However, these misdiagnosed cases were predominantly confined to specific nursing homes rather than being widespread across the nation. CMS will now request written evidence from nursing homes suspected of intentionally sedating residents through false schizophrenia diagnoses. If found in violation, these nursing homes will face penalties such as lower star ratings and financial fines.

It is essential for nursing homes and long-term care facilities to prioritize the well-being of their residents above all else. These establishments should adhere to CMS guidelines and continually train their staff to enhance the quality of care provided to residents. When selecting a nursing home or long-term care facility, thorough research is advised. Ensure that the facility has a high-star rating and has not incurred fines for violating CMS guidelines.

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