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RN charged with killing two nursing home residents, intentionally drugging a third
Date: June 6, 2023

The Pennsylvania Attorney General, Michelle Henry, released a public statement regarding a registered nurse charged with the murder of two nursing home residents and the attempted murder of another.  Heather Pressdee, R.N., was employed at Quality Life Services, located outside of Pittsburgh, drugged three patients and injected three men with a deadly amount of insulin in 2022. AG Henry reported that only one of the three males had diabetes. Pressdee’s actions resulted in the deaths of two males ages 55 and 83, as well as, the hospitalization of a seventy-three-year-old male. AG Henry believes this case is a prime example of nursing abuse among the most elderly and vulnerable populations naming Pressdee’s acts “deliberate and intentional.”

This case was brought forth by one of the victim’s family members. After investigation, authorities found that Pressdee had a long history of abuse towards nursing home residents and staff. She left her job and/or was fired from “eleven facilities since 2018.” Pressdee’s preliminary hearing is set for June 6,  2023. She is currently stationed at the Butler County Jail with no bail.

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