DLP Law Fights for Nursing Home Fall Victims | McKnight’s Reports: “CMS, CDC Officials: Increase in Falls, Pressure Injuries demands renewed safety focus”

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Date: March 1, 2022

        McKnight’s Long-Term Care News reports that recent data indicated a surge in nursing home accidents such as falls. This data prompted federal officials to say that nursing home safety standards and procedures should be reviewed. The CMS and CDC issued statements saying that they support and encourage a “renewed focus on patient safety.” Officials say that many nursing home safety procedures have slipped during the pandemic. McKnight’s author, Danielle Brown, mentions that in the last half of 2020, data showed that nursing home falls as well as cases of pressure ulcers have significantly increased. The burden that the Delta and Omicron variants caused on the nursing home industry only made this safety situation even worse. The CMS and CDC both want to improve safety for nursing home residents. In order to do this, the nursing home industry needs to focus on revamping current safety protocols by creating and developing new safety standards for falls. This is a matter that should not be taken lightly as residents who suffer falls could face life-altering physical injuries or even death.

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      Since nursing home falls are on the rise, please check in with family and friends to see if they are receiving proper care at their nursing home facility. If you or a loved one has suffered a fall at a nursing home facility, please contact our attorneys at Dougherty Leventhal & Price, L.L.P. Our team will provide its expertise and guidance on your case! Remember: Injury? Call DLP! (570) C-A-L-L-D-L-P.

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