DLP Law Fights for Victims of Nursing Home Abuse and Neglect- McKnight’s Long-Term Care News Reports: “Seniors’ long-COVID symptoms often overlooked, confused with aging”

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Date: May 26, 2022

McKnight’s Long-Term Care News author, Kimberly Marselas, reports that senior citizens who suffered from a long-lasting case of COVID-19 may potentially suffer from post-COVID-19 health complications, which could be mistaken for signs of old age. Marselas writes that the journal of BMJ published that long-lasting cases of COVID-19 can lead to the following symptoms: fatigue, increased heart rate, muscle and joint pain, dementia, and respiratory complications. Doctors are trying to determine what can be categorized as a long-term case of COVID-19 and the types of symptoms that can develop as a result. Additionally, many individuals that contracted COVID-1, but were not hospitalized are also experiencing these post-COVID-19 symptoms. Doctors are having trouble differentiating post-COVID-19 symptoms from symptoms of old age as they are closely related.

      The journal BMJ published a study that indicated that “three-quarters” of individuals examined were not hospitalized with COVID-19. However, individuals ranging from thirty-six years old to 50 years old were at a greater risk of developing post-COVID-19 symptoms including fatigue, coughing, and difficulty breathing. The study also found that “thirty-two percent” of elderly individuals in the U.S. who contracted COVID-19 displayed post-COVID-19 symptoms about four months after their infection. The study’s results are helpful in determining how many elderly individuals suffered from long-lasting cases of COVID-19 as well as its aftermath, which according to the CDC is 2.5 million Americans.

       It is critical to identify long-term COVID-19 cases as well as its post-infection effect on individuals so that they can receive proper treatment. Marselas says that the Center for Infectious Disease and Policy (CIDRAP) is now using “machine-learning models” to recognize long-lasting COVID-19 cases.

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     COVID-19 remains a dangerous threat to our daily lives. Nursing home residents continue to be vulnerable populations affected by this virus. Please check in with your loved ones to make sure they are receiving proper care. Additionally, make sure their nursing home or long-term care facility tests them for COVID-19 if they are experiencing symptoms. As always, if you, a family member, or a friend has been a victim of nursing home abuse and/or neglect, please contact our experienced lawyers at Dougherty, Leventhal & Price, L.L.P. Our team will fight for you! Remember: Injury? Call DLP!!! (570) C-A-L-L-D-L-P.

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