DLP Law Fights for Warehouse Workers Injured on the Job- CNBC Reports: “Amazon Warehouse Workers suffer serious injuries at twice the rate of rivals, study finds”

Amazon Warehouse Injury
Date: April 22, 2022

      CNBC News published an article concerning a new study that revealed Amazon warehouse workers are two times more likely to be injured on the job compared to warehouse workers of other companies. Despite Amazon’s initiative to make their warehouses the “Earth’s Safest Place to Work”, warehouse injuries at their facilities continue to dramatically escalate. A group of labor unions examined Amazon warehouse data that was given to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA). The study’s data indicated that Amazon warehouse injuries soared from “27, 100 in 2020 to 38,300 in 2021”, which is an approximately 20% increase. This is concerning, especially since CNBC News mentions that Amazon accounts for “a third of all U.S. warehouse workers.”

     Many Amazon employees are fearful that Amazon has let workplace safety standards slip because of the company’s fixation on fast product delivery to customers. As a result, Amazon employees, especially those in Staten Island, New York, are banding together in hopes to unionize the warehouse. Additionally, Amazon released a statement saying that the company is committed to improving a safe work environment for employees and will do so through funding for workplace safety and implementing a “series of wellness programs”.

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Tara Lynott
Intern, Dougherty Leventhal & Price, LLP