DLP Wants to Fight For Your Justice – High Turnover Rates Lead to Low-Quality Care

Requisitos más estrictos y necesarios para la prevención y el control de las infecciones: DLP lucha por aquellas víctimas de abuso y negligencia en hogares de ancianos.
Date: September 16, 2022

Understaffing is a paramount factor in the issues of neglect and abuse within nursing home organizations. According to the Center for Medicare & Medicaid Services, nursing homes have an average turnover rate of 52%. These staff members aren’t committed to the cause they are working for simply because they are overworked. The recommended ratio is 1 CNA to 6 residents, but in reality, it ends up being 1 CNA to 13 residents. This is more than double the recommendation which explains why there are so many cases of neglect seen today. Inadequate staffing leaves existing staff with impossible workloads making it nearly impossible for the nurses to provide quality care. If you or a loved one is in a nursing home, you want those providing care to truly care about their patients. However, with understaffing, this may not be the case.

Recent studies have found an interrelation between high turnover rates and inadequate care. The higher the staffing turnover rate, the poorer nursing home patient’s health outcomes will be. CMS data shows that over half of nursing homes replace 50% of staff or more per year. This high percentage has a detrimental effect on the quality of care nursing home residents receive. Studies show that “nursing homes with a nursing turnover rate between 50% to 59% are cited for abuse at a rate 1.5 times higher than nursing homes with a turnover rate between 30-39%”. There are profound examples that demonstrate the truth behind the connection between substandard care and high turnover rates. Not only do nursing homes with high turnover rates have lower-rated quality care, but they also have lower health inspection ratings. When caring for elderly or sick patients, health inspections are pivotal in order to maintain safe environment care for these patients. You want your loved one in a safe, caring environment, but in reality, these high turnover rates present frightening statistics regarding cases of neglect and abuse. DLP is here to help and fight for you. Don’t forget … Injury? Call DLP! (570) C-A-L-L-D-L-P.

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Melissa Weber
DLP intern.