Gov. Wolf Unveils 3-Phase Plan to Slowly Re-open Pennsylvania Amid COVID-19 Pandemic

Date: April 27, 2020
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Re-open Pennsylvania Amid COVID-19 Pandemic

After six long weeks, Pennsylvania residents and non-essential businesses are eagerly looking forward to the lifting of Governor Wolf’s lock-down order.  However, an abrupt, universal re-opening of the Commonwealth is not going to happen.  Rather, the Governor has issued a three-phase re-opening Plan that focuses on minimizing the spread of the COVID-19 virus through continued social distancing, universal mask wearing and limited business openings dependent upon on-going public health indicators.  The Plan divides the Commonwealth into six regions (NorthWest, NorthCentral, NorthEast, SouthWest, SouthCentral and SouthEast) and the Plan will be implemented separately in each region.

The Plan provides that the Commonwealth will determine when counties and/or regions are ready to begin easing some restrictions on work, congregate settings, recreation activities and social interactions based upon on-going public health information, most importantly COVID-19 testing data.   The Commonwealth will analyze current health and economic status, as well as the inherent risks and benefits of reopening certain businesses and industry areas. Using data that considers worker exposure and spread risks, health care capacity, economic impact, and supply chain impact, the Commonwealth will prioritize reopening where it has the potential for the most positive impact on the economy for workers and businesses while mitigating risk to public health and safety.

The Governor’s current shut-down order remains in effect until May 8.  After that date, the above plan will begin being implemented in order to get Pennsylvania businesses open and our residents back to work.  Importantly, the Plan does not alter the Governor’s prior Order closing all Pennsylvania schools (public and private) through the end of the year.  Therefore, although you may be going back to work soon, your children will not be resuming classes at their school this academic year.

You can view the Governor’s entire Plan by clicking on this link.

Know Your Rights: Coronavirus (COVID-19) and the Workplace

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