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Date: February 21, 2023

      Bed sores oozing with puss and maggots. Sexual assault against a female resident suffering from dementia. Surely, these unbelievably horrifying nursing home violations would prompt CMS to fine these facilities. Well, think again! The Times-Tribune reports that fines will not be issued because these violations inflicted only “minimal” or no harm at all to nursing home residents. The executive director of the Long-Term Care Community Coalition, Richard Mollot, said that facilities will receive fines if residents experience “actual harm.” What constitutes “harm” is controlled by the states. Sadly, oftentimes, residents will experience a type of harm that is not delineated by state regulators. Because of this, residents bear the burden and receive poor-quality care. The Times reached out to local area nursing homes (e.g. The Gardens at Scranton and Dunmore Health Care Center). However, these facilities refused to comment.


Mollot explains that these “minimal or unharmful violations”, which are indeed harmful, have become a trend. This is sad and disturbing. Furthermore, The Times says that research indicates that “95%” of citations across the United States are only considered as “minimal harm.” The nursing home industry and state regulators must improve their efforts to make resident health and safety their top priorities.

A major obstacle facing the nursing home industry is the lack of nursing home inspectors and their hesitancy to issue citations because of low staffing numbers according to Zach Shamberg, executive director of the Pennsylvania Health Care Association. In order to tackle this issue, Mollot and Shamberg urge for greater supervision by the federal government.

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