The Hidden Truth about Motorcycle Insurance Coverage in Pennsylvania

Motorcycle Insurance Coverage in Pennsylvania
Date: June 14, 2018

Motorcycle Insurance Coverage in Pennsylvania

By now we have all seen the GEICO commercial set to the tune of Canned Heat’s “Going up to The Country” depicting two older bike riders leaving their kids a note, jumping on their motorcycles, and leaving spontaneously for a great ride on rural roads.    Or maybe we have seen the constant run of Progressive commercials touting its leadership in selling motorcycle coverage.   All of these commercials are catchy, grab our attention and inspire motorcycle owners to buy insurance policies from both companies.   Unfortunately, many times,  neither Geico, Progressive or other insurance companies tell potential policy holders what their policies issued in Pennsylvania do NOT cover.

What You Need to Know About Motorcycle Insurance

The Trial Lawyers at Dougherty Leventhal & Price, LLP have handled many, sometimes tragic, motorcycle accidents throughout Northeast and Central Pennsylvania for over forty (40) years.  To a person, just about every client we meet does not know or understand what their motorcycle insurance policy covers.  Unfortunately once a tragic motorcycle accident occurs it is too late to make sure you are protected.   So, if you are a motorcycle owner and open road enthusiast, please know the following

  • Motorcycle Insurance policies issued in Pennsylvania do NOT cover Medical Bills incurred as a result of a crash.   Your private medical insurance or the liability insurance of the responsible driver will need to pay your medical bills.   Many times however, the medical policy does not provide adequate coverage or the liability policy limits of the responsible driver are insignificant or unable to cover the medical bills and costs incurred.  Worse yet, what if you do not have current medical insurance or the other driver is uninsured?
  • Motorcycle Insurance coverage is usually issued as a SEPARATE POLICY by your insurance company and NOT included in your automobile insurance coverage.   Many times clients will have great auto coverage to protect them and their loved ones, but the motorcycle insurance coverage, written separate and apart from their auto policy, will have MINIMUM coverage limits.  Purchasing motorcycle coverage can be expensive, but before cutting corners you may want to discuss all options for proper coverage with your issuing insurance agent.
  • Many motorcycle insurance policies have no collision coverage provided for loss of your bike , or may provide collision coverage but in an inadequate amount.   Again, you have a big investment in your bike and should discuss this with your insurance agent when purchasing coverage.

How A Motorcycle Accident Lawyer at DLP Law Firm Can Help

Unfortunately, it can be dangerous out on the roads while enjoying your bike and motoring in the great outdoors.  Most motorcycle accidents are NOT caused by bike riders but by inattentive drivers, distracted cell using drivers, intoxicated drivers or the elderly not appreciating a motorcycle and its riders in the field of vision.  It’s best to make sure that you have proper insurance coverage BEFORE an accident happens.  If you have any questions on motorcycle insurance or if you are involved in a motorcycle accident, please feel free to call the experienced Motorcycle Accident attorneys at DLP  Remember:  Injury? Call DLP! (570) C-A-L-L-D-L-P.

Joe Price
Attorney Joe Price is a seasoned Trial Lawyer serving Northeast, Central and Southeast Pennsylvania for the past forty (40) years. He has handled serious personal injury cases in courts throughout the Federal system including New Jersey and New York. Attorney Price is A.V. Rated by Martindale Hubble. He is Board Certified in Civil Practice by the National Board of Trial Advocacy since 1996.