Hit and Run Accident Lawyers | Leaving The Scene Of An Accident

Hit and Run Accident Lawyers Leaving The Scene Of An Accident
Date: October 27, 2023
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The harsh reality is that hit-and-run accidents are more common than you may think. A hit and run is when a person is involved or causes a collision with another person, vehicle, or property and then flees without stopping to provide any of their information. The penalty for a hit and run varies by state. Depending on the severity of the hit and run, offending drivers can face significant fines and potentially felony charges. Often, the driver will flee the scene of the accident due to inadequate auto insurance or is wanted for other crimes.

What To Do After a Hit and Run Accident

If a victim of a hit and run, it is important to stay at the scene of the accident. Even if the damage appears to be minor or insignificant, it is best advised to remain at the scene. As a victim, note everything you can recall about the offending driver and their vehicle. Regardless of the circumstances of the accident, ask any witnesses to wait for the police to arrive.

How Can DLP Law Personal Injury Attorneys Hit and Run Accident Attorneys Help Me?

If serious damage has occurred and you are the victim, a personal injury attorney can be valuable to assist moving forward. A personal injury attorney can help you determine the best course of action, assist you in the case of a civil lawsuit, and guide you through the legal process. Look no further than Dougherty, Leventhal, and Price. Our attorneys are ready to fight for you. Remember… Injury? Call DLP. (570) C-A-L-L-D-L-P.


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