How do providers feel about the new nursing home ownership transparency rule?

How do providers feel about the new nursing home ownership transparency rule?
Date: December 19, 2023

The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Service (CMS) has created a new rule that requires nursing homes to report more information and details to their owners. However, the rule was met with mixed reviews.

While most providers do feel that the CMS rule is necessary and important, some feel that this rule is not needed, at least not at this time. While the rule is certainly helpful, providers believe that this is a distraction from more important quality improvement initiatives.

Some feel that this rule is unnecessary, and CMS is not performing well in making decisions that will transform the quality of long-term care. They feel that it is CMS’s job as an agency dedicated to providing effective health care coverage. For example, the American Health Care Association (AHCA)/National Center for Assisted Living wrote a statement addressed to McKnight’s Long-Term Care News that reads: “We support transparency and appreciate the administration’s efforts to assist families in making more informed decisions, however, more paperwork reporting will not drive quality. This has become a distraction from the real issues that impact the majority of providers, like Medicaid underfunding and workforce shortages.” AHCA wants more and improved action to address the underlying causes of care quality problems.

However, AHCA is failing to realize that transparency is not only positive but crucial when it comes to providing care. The new CMS regulation will drive better outcomes for nursing home residents which will simultaneously assist other quality improvement initiatives.

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