Increasing Wages Allow for Increasing Quality Provided in Nursing Homes

Increasing Wages Allow for Increasing Quality Provided in Nursing Homes
Date: February 6, 2023

Research has shown that increasing the minimum wage by 10% would decrease the number of deaths in nursing homes per year by 15,000. However, there are many issues present with these statistics discovered by the study published by the Review of Economics and Statistics. Firstly, these statistics share that there are nursing home workers that do not try their best to care for the residents. Why is it necessary that a monetary incentive is present to save lives and provide quality care to patients? The healthcare industry is one that should include workers who truly care and whose main goal is to help others.

Secondly, the quality of care provided may be disturbed by the expensive cost of nursing staff with a rise In the minimum wage. A nursing home staffing wage cannot be the same as a fast-food worker. So as minimum wage increases, their wage must also increase to be in alignment with the work that they do. This rise in the cost of staffing overall might contribute to the destructive issue of understaffing. To keep up with wages, they would need to decrease the number of staff members which would contribute to the growing issue of unfeasible amounts of residents per healthcare worker. . Nursing home facilities may not be able to afford this increase in wages, therefore, resulting in the building issue of abuse and neglect cases.

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Melissa Weber
DLP intern.