Kentucky County Pharmacy Leads Way in Opioid Prescriptions

Date: August 14, 2019
Posted In: Serious Injury

Rural Communities, Older People, and the Opioid Crisis

The Washington Post reports that an analysis of DEA data that tracks opioid sales at the local level revealed that a family run pharmacy in Kentucky, Shearer Drug, “procured more opioid pills per capita in the county it is located than any other retail pharmacy in the United States”.  The records revealed that in 2012 Bought and sold over 1.1 million pain pills to local Kentucky residents.  Shearer Pharmacy is among thousands of small pharmacies that handled tremendous volumes of oxycodone and hydrocodone prescriptions which until recent publicity went largely unnoticed.  Also unnoticed were the millions of prescriptions written by the medical community for the drugs.  Litigation is now pending throughout the country against Purdue Pharmaceuticals Inc. and other manufacturers of opioids in an attempt to curb use and attack the national epidemic of addiction which has resulted in untold numbers of overdose deaths.  DLP partner Sean McDonough is involved in the current opioid litigation and can be contacted at the DLP Moosic office.

Joe Price
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