I was born in El Salvador Central America grew up in the capital San Salvador had a happy childhood filled with so much love for my family, I learned to work alongside my grandfather who had a store of timber and building products, I did my primary and secondary and graduating from High School with a degree in human resources, and later studied in the school our Lady of Guadalupe graduating in Office, Accounting and commerce.

In 1970 we traveled to the city of New York, established in Queens, my first job was in the Bulova watch company which enjoy much not only for the experience if not for that I could learn new things and with excellent employment benefits was an autonomous company which provided much support to their employees. Continue my studies of Advanced English at Union Square Manhattan Academy; in 1986 we moved to Pittston Pennsylvania, I served as aid to the new arrivals from other countries in the program ALTA of Luzerne Community College where they learned English as a second language which also enjoy much to help the teacher with his new students.

Received the course of computer in CDI which I finished obtaining my diploma in PC Word, excel, peach tree, and more in 2004 I was t interviewed by the Mr. Brian G. Price and he talk with regard to the Spanish speaking clientele that he was handling and he said that needed someone that answer the phone and I answer that I not know nothing of his work but that I could learn all what he me taught so we began a new journey in life which has become a big hit since I’ve learned through experience, handling cases of personal injury, workers’ compensation, migration, Civil, cases financial, real estate, criminal cases, in order to experience he has given me the opportunity to meet every day with clients and be able to send the cases to their respective lawyers.

I already have 13 years of work with attorney Brian G. Price which has been a very rewarding experience both in knowledge and in compensation so far has been a great opportunity that life and God gave me.