Loneliness in Nursing Homes is Detrimental to Resident’s Health

Loneliness in Nursing Homes is Detrimental to Resident’s Health
Date: October 18, 2023

Nursing home facilities create a lonely environment that isolates residents from social interaction. Due to the problem of understaffing, nursing home staff do not spend time trying to engage residents in social activities. This is something that facilities should focus on as it can strongly affect resident’s mental health and even physical health.

According to the National Library of Medicine, studies showed that in certain regions, 55% of elderly residents stated that they felt lonely. Many families send their loved ones to nursing homes to receive attention and adequate care to prevent loneliness, however, nursing facilities are lacking in both departments. Research shows that loneliness can also have detrimental effects relating to anxiety and depression. Not only are resident’s mental health being affected, but their physical health as well. Loneliness has been linked to issues involving cognitive impairment, higher risk of emergency care, and even increased risk of death.

Social engagements have been proven to relieve feelings of loneliness and can improve their overall satisfaction and mood. Keeping residents active and engaged socially is something that can prevent lonesome feelings. However, these social engagements should already be put in place for the residents if they are receiving quality care. Nursing home facilities are presenting issues of ignorance and neglect when caring for their patients and it is resulting in the suffering of patients both mentally and physically.

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