Many Nursing Home Staff Fearful of Retaliation by Superiors: study

Date: August 18, 2023

Although CMS regulations state that providers must allow employees to report any suspicions of crimes or incidents without fear of retaliation, who exactly is holding them accountable? If no one, what does this mean for the residents of nursing home facilities?

A new study conducted by Eilon Caspi, Ph.D., a gerontologist, explores the dynamics between managers, employees, aides, and nurses. Caspi finds that direct care workers in nursing homes often fear retaliation from managers. Many nurse aids have become extremely hesitant to raise subjects their managers may not like due to the fear of losing their jobs, preferred shifts, or other desired working conditions. Although not indicative of all providers, this problem is certainly not uncommon.

The industry needs to be aware of this growing concern as it most definitely impacts care workers and nursing home patients directly. After all, Caspi shares that “fears of retaliation often result in a lack of reporting, or delays of it or investigation of mistreatment”.

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Julia Kourpas