Medical Treatment in a Pennsylvania Work Injury Claim

Date: February 27, 2018

Pennsylvania Workers Compensation

If you are injured at work in Pennsylvania, you will likely require some medical treatment. Depending on the severity of your injury, the treatment can range from a one-time medical clinic visit to more involved and extensive care. Under Pennsylvania Workers Compensation regulations, your employer has the right to establish a list of designated health care providers, commonly referred to as a “panel list”. If the panel list is properly posted, injured workers must seek treatment for the work injury with one of the designated providers for a period of 90 days from the date of the first visit. Your employer must provide you with written notice of your rights and duties. This written notice must be signed by you- the employee- (1) at the time of hire, (2) whenever changes are made in the list and (3) at the time of injury. The panel list must contain at least six providers; three of the six providers must be physicians. Each provider’s name, address, telephone number and medical specialty must be included on the list. If a particular medical specialty is not on the list and the specialty care is reasonable and necessary for treatment of the work injury, the employee is allowed to treat with a health care provider of his or her choosing. The employer may not direct the employee to any specific provider on the list. The employee may switch from one designated provider to another designated provider on the list. The providers listed must be located in proximity to your geographical area. Listed providers must include providers with medical specialties that are appropriate for the types of work-related medical problems that can be anticipated to occur. If the employer’s “panel list” does not comply with these requirements, the employee has the right to treat with a provider of his or her choosing.

Where can I turn for legal help for work-related injuries?

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Tom Cummings
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