Minimum Staffing Requirements in Nursing Homes – Will the requirements be changed?

Nursing home staffing concerns
Date: April 25, 2022

The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services staffing rules have been debated for over 20 years. A new staffing rule is to be proposed next spring. They want to implement incentives that will allow more room for facilities to hire nursing staff. Officials have also been evaluating the costs and benefits of raising the minimum amount of staffing. The article emphasizes that there could be obstacles that these facilities might face unknowingly. Steven Littlehale exclaimed during Mcknight’s podcast that this is the right time to implement these changes and that says, “it seems like now is the moment.”

History of Nursing Home Staffing Rules and What’s Next

Staffing rules have been around since as early as 1987. The foundation of these staffing rules is the Nursing Home Reform Act. This act requires 24-hour LPN coverage and 8-hour RN coverage daily. This is the basis for the importance of having staff available for struggling residents. This article also mentions the 2001 study about how if a patient was cared for less than 4.1 hours a day, residents would run into health issues down the line. Since this study is dated, in order to implement the 4.1 rule they must redo the study for it to be included in the 2023 pay rule. In addition, they also want to implement a 24-hour RN rule.

How Our Nursing Home Abuse Attorneys Can Help

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