MSC Urges Fact-Based Dialogue as Job Creators Gather In Pittsburgh

Date: November 4, 2010

Canonsburg, PA – This week, Pittsburgh is playing host to the 2nd annual Developing Unconventional Gas (DUG) East Conference & Exhibition. Attracting nearly 3,000 attendees, the event\’s aim is to give “operators, investors, and the service industry the latest  economics, activity, and new technology needed to successfully develop the Marcellus” — the world\’s second largest natural gas field.

“This week\’s conference underscores the critical and growing role that responsible Marcellus Shale development will continue to play for our region\’s economy. As the Commonwealth\’s unemployment rate remains near 9 percent, events like this provide a much needed boost to Pittsburgh\’s economy, small businesses, hotels and restaurants,” said Marcellus Shale Coalition (MSC) president Kathryn Klaber, a speaker and attendee at today\’s session. “More than anything, though, it showcases that our region is a tremendous place to do business, invest and create jobs for Pennsylvanians.”

Commenting on yesterday\’s demonstrations, Klaber remarked: “Regrettably, some who oppose job-creating, American energy development continue to inject inflammatory and offensive attacks toward the many individuals and companies who are delivering clean-burning natural gas to America; these disgraceful smears appeared to have reached a new low yesterday.”

“As laid out in the MSC\’s Guiding Principles, ‘We encourage spirited public dialogue and fact-based education about responsible shale gas development\’. We support a spirited public debate about the historic economic and energy security opportunity that the Marcellus presents. But let\’s ensure that these conversations are grounded in science and facts, and not in hyperbole and personal attacks,” added Klaber.

NOTE: Yesterday\’s protest, which drew 200 participants – far less than the anticipated 1,900 – was covered by several local news outlets:

  • The protesters gathered at Allegheny Landing on the North Shore around 10:30 a.m., where organizers distributed pamphlets, banners and signs with slogans like“shut them down,” â€œgas holes stink” and“Ed Rendell will go to hell,” among others. … Some of 200protesters attempted to hang a banner from a traffic light post that read, “Burn in Hell, Halliburton,” in reference to a corporation providing equipment and services to the drilling industry. Local police promptly removed it. (Pitt News, 11/4/10)

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