NEPA Natural Gas History

Date: March 15, 2011

May 2008

Gas companies show interest in region\’s gas deposits. Experts believe billions of dollars in gas is trapped in the Marcellus Shale. August 2008

The rush is on in western Wyoming County, with the Wyoming County Landowners\’ Group and its more than 45,000 acres in the gas-filled Marcellus Shale region accepting a lease agreement with gas drilling companies.

December 2008

DEP adds a permit addendum for shale wells that requires accounting of water acquisition, consumption and disposal. Up to 4 million gallons of water might be used at a single gas well.

January 2009

State Department of Environmental Protection announces partnership with the drilling industry to address wastewater disposal.

March 2009

The Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection issues a letter of violation to Cabot Oil & Gas Corp. alleging faulty well casings caused natural gas to infiltrate into at least nine homes in Susquehanna County.

November 2009

• Encana natural gas announces it will drill two exploratory gas wells in Luzerne County.

• Fifteen property owners in Dimock Township, Susquehanna County, file a lawsuit against Cabot Oil and Gas, claiming it caused property damage, created health hazards and “hoodwinked” the residents into unfair contracts.

April 2010

Luzerne County Citizens for Clean Water is renamed the Gas Drilling Awareness Coalition. The group says it is charged with protecting communities and the environment from exploitative natural gas drilling.

June 2010

HBO airs Josh Fox\’s movie, “Gasland,” portraying the dangers of drilling for natural gas. Fox owns property in Milanville, Wayne County.

July 2009

Encana begins drilling at its Buda H1 well site near Ricketts Glen State Park in Fairmont Township.

September 2010

Encana begins drilling at its Salansky H1 well site off Zosh Road in Lake Township.

October 2010

Lehman Township residents ask township supervisors to advertise and vote on an ordinance that effectively bans gas drilling in the township.

November 2010

• Pittsburgh\’s City Council passes an ordinance banning gas drilling, the council becomes first in Pennsylvania to do so.

• Encana tests production at one of its wells and, eight days later, announces it will cease all operations in Luzerne County and Pennsylvania.

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