New Bill in Long-Term Care Calls for a Unique Requirement for Collaboration Between Healthcare Regulators and Providers

New Bill in Long-Term Care Calls for a Unique Requirement for Collaboration Between Healthcare Regulators and Providers
Date: May 3, 2024

A bill was recently passed through the state House requiring the Pennsylvania Department of Health to collaborate with nursing homes. The bill would require yearly meetings to unite the department and long-term care facilities on survey practices. Sector leaders have shared that this measure is a great way to encourage more communication and unity between providers and regulators. The bill is currently under consideration.

Zach Shamberg, president and CEO of the Pennsylvania Health Care Association (PHCA) recently shared his thoughts on the bill. Shamberg shares that “House Bill 1853 will strengthen … collaboration by bringing Department of Health surveyors and providers together to enhance care outcomes.” He goes on to elaborate that “[it] is another important step forward as we continue to prioritize the care of our state’s elderly and adults with disabilities.”

Shamberg isn’t the only healthcare leader who is extremely optimistic about the bill. Tim Ward, director of advocacy and government affairs at PHCA, assisted with the development of the legislation. Ward recently spoke with McKnight’s Long-Term Care News to share his thoughts on the bill. He shared that “legislation is essential to creating a relationship that doesn’t quite exist, where providers can learn from regulators to better understand a surveyor’s interpretation of a regulation so caregivers can continue to improve resident care outcomes.”

Some states have already created measures to increase collaboration. However, the proposed bill would be a unique requirement. The meetings that the bill emphasized would ensure strong communication and partnership. Ward elaborates that PHCA feels that “collaboration is key to supporting resident care, especially in a heavily regulated industry like long-term care … The hope is that the line of communication remains open throughout the year to create more clarity and a universal understanding of regulatory interpretations.”

The bill is a significant step in long-term care. It promotes effective and consistent communication which will ultimately help appropriately administer policy with feedback. The bill is designed to be a proactive step leading to better care. Collaboration makes it easier to identify areas of improvement. Not to mention, the bill could help the sector set appropriate standards, determine training objectives, promote transparency and accountability, and assist with risk management. These outcomes can be a significant step in improving care for residents.

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