New York Post editorial: No reason to wait

Date: September 7, 2011

A new report out of Albany yesterday confirms what most folks already know: Hydraulic fracturing, or “fracking,” will bring huge benefits to New York — with scant chance of environmental harm.

Indeed, the report, by the Department of Environmental Conservation, concludes that fracking — a relatively new way to extract natural gas from deep subterranean rock formations — can be an economic gold mine, sparking the creation of nearly 25,000 full-time drilling-related positions and 30,000 jobs in other fields.

The industry will also produce some $2.5 billion in yearly wages, the report says.

All terrific news for the long economically ailing Upstate region, particularly the gas-rich Marcellus Shale in the Southern Tier.

Fracking, the report also notes, can position New York as a vital energy-producing source. And what\’s more, DEC says, any potential adverse environmental effects can be mitigated — and virtually eliminated — with careful construction work at drilling sites and aggressive regulatory oversight.

So what\’s Albany waiting for?

The report\’s release starts a 90-day public comment period that will include three hearings Upstate and one in New York City. Next month, DEC will propose a list of regulatory guidelines for the industry.

Meanwhile, look for greenie Luddites to try to wreck the party — via a wildly disingenuous anti-fracking scare campaign.

Just yesterday, enviros marched in Philadelphia against fracking in Pennsylvania — even though it\’s brought a $12.8 billion windfall to that state this year alone, not to mention some 140,000 new jobs, according to one study.

Gov. Cuomo can\’t let the greenies succeed here. Fortunately, he seems to back the process — so far. Let\’s keep it that way.

Fact is, fracking has been shown to be safe — and a potent economic engine.

The sooner New York allows it, the better.

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Joe Price
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