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McKnight’s reports “CMS going public with facility turnover, weekend staffing data”
Date: January 11, 2022

McKnight’s Long Term Care News reports “78% of nursing home operators and workers do not expect the workforce to return to pre-pandemic levels for at least another year”, especially with a decline in job satisfaction and the worsening pandemic. Responses were collected from nursing home staff in December 2021 which indicated that nursing home staff rated their job a “6 out of 10”, which has dropped since last year. Also, the respondents did not express a positive outlook for the future of nursing homes and their staff. Over half of respondents feel “less optimistic” about nursing homes in 2022.

Nursing home staff are finding it difficult to see an end to this pandemic and retain a positive view. This is concerning since receiving quality care is crucial for the health and well-being of nursing home residents. However, in order to make sure residents are given proper care, Cara Silleto, the president of Magnet Culture, feels “effective onboarding” will be of utmost importance in 2022. This means that nursing home staff must continue to be properly trained.

While nursing homes have faced many challenges, especially in the last two years, nursing home abuse or neglect should not be tolerated as it can cause serious physical and mental harm or even result in death for residents. Unfortunately, these staffing challenges can lead to lapses in the level of care to which residents are entitled. It is more important than ever for family and friends of nursing home residents to visit often and check in on their loved ones to ensure that their needs are being met.

In the event of a concern, loved ones should reach out to the nursing staff or facility administrator and ask for a care plan meeting so that the facility can take appropriate steps to address those concerns. Hopefully, as we enter into the new year, nursing homes can try their best to help alleviate this staffing shortage crisis during these unprecedented times and prioritize caring for residents.

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