Nursing Home Residents’ Rights To Jury Trial Under Attack

Date: September 3, 2014

Nursing Home Residents' Rights To Jury Trial Under Attack
A recent article highlights the role that big business plays in the administration of justice. Recent news has come to the surface that National HealthCare Corp., a corporation that manages several nursing homes, has been donating a large sum of money to a group whose goal is to oust three Supreme Court justices in Tennessee.

One of the goals of donating this money would be to lift the restriction previous stated by these justices on binding arbitration in the corporation’s nursing homes. This binding arbitration would require the patient of the nursing facility to sign a contract that would prevent them from suing from an injustice brought upon them while in the facility’s care. This could risk a loved one to injury and/or abuse while the nursing home would not be accountable for their actions.

A comment in the article from Ed Yarbrough, who served as the US Attorney for former President George W. Bush says that “I think it’s opening the door to the possiblity of people buying courts,”.

With this in mind, it’s important to be aware of the possible motives that a nursing home could have. The attention and care of your loved one should be of the most importance.. Make sure that not only is the nursing home’s care adequate for your loved one but protecting them from any policies that could restrict their rights.

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