Pa. Fish Commission Starts to Lease Land UNDER Lakes for Drilling—DLP, Marcellus Shale Gas Drilling Accident Lawyers

Date: August 11, 2012

The fears of many outdoorsmen and environmental groups became reality when, according to the Pittsburgh Post Gazzette, the Pa. Fish Commission announced that it has leased land under several lakes and dams for natural gas drilling.  The Fish Commission had to make a “business decision”.  The lakes involved are surrounded by land already leased for drilling.  Gas under the lakes would “migrate” and be harvested without payment to the Commission.  Leasing the land assures payment and funding for the Commission.   It does not appear that the Commission is too thrilled with its decision, but it did not have much of a choice.  It hopes that nothing goes wrong with the “fracking” process and that the lakes and dams are not polluted.

DLP represents victims and workers injured in the Pennsylvania Gas fields.

Joe Price
Attorney Joe Price is a seasoned Trial Lawyer serving Northeast, Central and Southeast Pennsylvania for the past forty (40) years. He has handled serious personal injury cases in courts throughout the Federal system including New Jersey and New York. Attorney Price is A.V. Rated by Martindale Hubble. He is Board Certified in Civil Practice by the National Board of Trial Advocacy since 1996.