PA Nursing Home Residents Dealing With Omicron Variant

Date: January 5, 2022

Omicron: A Threat to the Elderly in the Nursing Home

Due to the new variant known as Omicron in the Coronavirus disease, concern has been raised about how this can affect the elderly. Medical staff is being especially cautious with the rise of breakthrough infections. In young people, this usually is not a large concern since the body provides a “memory response” to the virus when receiving the vaccine. The vaccinated elderly also does benefit from the vaccine, but it is more difficult for their immune system to create a strong response. As the body ages, the weaker the body responds to vaccines. According to the NY Times article, “Someone who is 75 to 84 years old has about six times the chance of being killed by the virus as those between 50 and 65.”

What COVID-19 Steps Should Be Taken in Nursing Homes to Stay Vigilant

This NY Times article recommends that all nursing home staff has received all three shots. Since the staff directly interacts with the elderly, this will decrease the likeliness of transmission of Covid-19. They also recommend all those visiting be vaccinated and have received their booster. It is crucial to allow family and friends to visit as it becomes harsh and depressing for those living in residencies to be left alone. Not only do the people around the elderly need to take caution, but the residents should also be required to be tested frequently. The more they are tested the less time the virus has to spread.

Since Omicron is an airborne virus nursing homes need to have a clear protocol of masks and filtration. N95s and KF94s are recommended for staff members working closely with residents. Another solution is to install HEPA filters and during warm weather months, to open a window to allow more air circulation. Overall, each home should have a detailed plan in place. Especially if an outbreak happens, there should be a specific procedure being done during that time. The more prepared nursing homes are to threats the less they will have to restrict.

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