PennDOT Trying to Keep Trucks Moving in Bad Weather

Date: November 14, 2019

Tractor Trailer Accident Restriction Plan on Interstate 81 in Luzerne County

PennDOT recently announced a plan to try to keep large truck traffic moving on our Interstates when bad weather causes the speed limit to be reduced to 45 mph or lower. Under the new bad weather restriction plan (via WNEP) will be asked to stay in the right hand lane unless required for some reason to make a pass. The idea is to permit trucks to stay on the road and not force them to pull off the highway when winter conditions worsen. The new plan has been met with mixed reviews. Many truckers are worried that they will be hampered by unskilled winter passenger drivers blocking the right lane while traveling very slow. Other truckers feel like they are being picked on when the real culprits are passenger car drivers with no winter driving skills. On the other hand, many passenger car drivers–especially those who use the Interstates for commuting to and from work—have embraced the new plan and look forward to seeing how it works out. PennDOT is in a tough spot; it wants to keep trucks moving but also is worried about safety of the travelling public. Only time will tell how the new plan works out during the now upon us winter driving season.

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