Pennsylvania Fracking Workers Are Exposed to Dangers

Date: February 28, 2018

What are some of the dangers faced by PA oil and gas workers?

Now that natural gas prices are starting to stabilize, it looks like well fracking will be picking up in Northeast and Central Pennsylvania.  For the hard working and dedicated men and women in the field working on site, fracking exposes them to many dangers. Jobs related to hydraulic fracking can lead to unnecessary injuries and accidents.   These accidents include VEHICLE ACCIDENTS.   Water trucks, Silica trucks and chemical additive trucks pose hazards especially along rural roads.    Along with trucks on site, gas well employees mostly drive private pickup trucks.  Frequent trips and long hours lead to avoidable accidents.  Injuries can be serious.    Exposure to silica sand is also a significant hazard.  Improper breathing units, or no breathing units at all, can cause severe respiratory injuries.   Risk of explosions and fires on site are also exceptional dangers.   The drill site worker must always wear protective, fire resistant clothing.   Finally, drillers are exposed to all sorts of chemicals on site. Most prominent is exposure to hydrogen sulfide.  This gas poses all sorts of dangers and workers need to be protected.

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