PIOGA Extends Support of Emergency Responder Training with Additional $25,000 Donation and Industry Expertise

Date: July 20, 2011

Pennsylvania Fire Academy Continues to Deliver Training Developed in Partnership with PIOGA Safety Committee

WEXFORD, Pa. (Oct. 18) —  The Pennsylvania Independent Oil and Gas Association (PIOGA) today announced the commitment of an additional  $25,000 to support the  Pennsylvania Fire Academy’s Marcellus Shale Resources and Training program, a joint effort of industry, the State Fire Commissioners’ office and emergency responders around the Commonwealth.

Through the group\’s collective expertise, the program has already prepared more than 3,000 emergency responders for oilfield events in areas where Marcellus Shale gas development is taking place in the Commonwealth.

“I am pleased PIOGA is committed to the safety of Pennsylvania\’s first responders. These funds will ensure that we can continue with the training program developed last fall through a partnership with the Marcellus Industry,\’\’ State Fire Commissioner Ed Mann said. “The training provides a basic understanding of the potential hazards first responders could face in the event of such an emergency.\’\’

PIOGA President and Executive Director Louis D. D’Amico said his organization\’s safety committee will continue to provide the subject matter knowledge and experience needed to maintain the most up-to-date curriculum for drill site safety and emergency response training.

“Consistent with our industry partners, PIOGA continues to place safety as its number one priority.  The growing expanse of Marcellus development, along with the corresponding increase in Pennsylvanians working in and around drilling sites, means emergency preparedness and stringent safety policies must be engrained in every facet of our operations,” D\’Amico stated.

“As we share best practices to create the most advanced emergency response procedures in the industry, we must also share in making the wise investment necessary to keep the Pennsylvania\’s Fire Academy\’s program intact.  I encourage all of our industry colleagues to contribute to this proven and much-needed initiative,” he added.


PIOGA safety committee members worked with professional firefighters and emergency personnel to create the first of several training modules on different response scenarios at drilling locations.   The committee continues to work with those organizations to allow the program to keep pace with new developments in the industry.

To learn more or schedule training – go to “Well Site Emergency for First Responders” training atwww.osfc.state.pa.us


Joe Price
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