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Date: March 29, 2024

Warehouses create dangerous work environments. These facilities are known for their tall fixtures and heavy equipment which produce severe hazards. The US Bureau of Labor Statistics found that approximately 16 fatalities from the U.S. warehousing and storage sector occur each year. In addition, the Bureau reported that for every 100 warehouse workers, 5 people experienced and reported injury and/or illness.

The most common warehouse safety hazards are as follows: forklifts, docks, conveyors, materials storage, manual lifting and handling, hazardous chemicals, charging stations, and energized equipment. These hazards are an everyday part of the warehouse environment and when left unmonitored, unregulated, or misused, can cause serious problems. Not to mention, other aspects such as lack of proper training, miscommunication, and the absence of safety regulations and standards can create a hectic and unsafe environment as well.

For those working in warehouses and storage facilities, it is crucial to determine workplace safety. You may want to discuss safety signage, proper handling of equipment, emergency procedures, safety checks, protocols for fires, etc. Having these conversations with the team can prevent injuries and even deaths.

Some warehouses attempt to cut costs by disregarding safety measures. In doing so, workers are exposed to dangerous situations. If you feel that a warehouse or other work environment is putting you and others at risk, speak up and report the facilities.

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