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Estate Planning

Whether you want to protect your assets for future generations, need assistance with guardianship or administering an estate, or have an issue with probate in court over provisions in a will or trust, there is no greater comfort than knowing your interests are protected by highly specialized estate planning lawyers based in Pennsylvania who handle cases throughout the entire state.

Comprehensive Estate Planning and Probate Representation – Pennsylvania Estate Planning Lawyers

There are many benefits to having a properly crafted estate plan. For your family who is left behind, a properly prepared estate plan can leave them financially secure, can save them time in having to straighten out complicated financial and legal affairs and provide them with peace of mind. The NEPA estate planning law firm of Dougherty Leventhal & Price, LLP represents individuals and business owners in Northeast Pennsylvania. We handle a broad spectrum of estate planning matters from simple wills to sophisticated estate plans for high net worth estates. Our Pennsylvania estate planning law firm will carefully analyze your entire estate so that we can help you develop a comprehensive estate plan that addresses all of your needs and objectives.


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Probate Services

When a loved one dies, you are faced with the prospect of handling their estate and distributing their assets according to the directives of their will. We offer you assistance with administrating these directives by:

  • Filing your probate papers
  • Accompanying you to the register of wills office
  • Handling asset gathering
  • Developing bill payment strategies
  • Selling of estate assets
  • Working closely with executor of estate
  • Preparing and filing inheritance tax returns
  • Family settlement agreements
  • Estate accounting agreements

We know that probate administration can be stressful by pitting family members against one another. There is also a risk of private financial information and proprietary business information being put at risk of public disclosure. The Pennsylvania probate administration attorneys at Dougherty Leventhal & Price, LLP understand the potentially delicate nature of such inter-family disputes so we handle such disputes with sensitivity often using alternate dispute resolution including negotiation, arbitration and mediation. We will competently handle all of your affairs.



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The Benefits of an Effective Estate Plan

Protecting your spouse and children: If you are disabled or die, a well-crafted estate plan will protect your spouse and children by providing the financial stability, predictability and security they need.

Avoiding the cost and delay of probate: Probate can tie up your estate and cost your family substantial probate related costs that can deplete your estate of valuable resources that would otherwise be available to your family.

Eliminating Death Taxes: A well conceived estate plan can help you avoid paying up to 55 percent in estate taxes
Keeping family financial and business affairs private: Estate plans are not available to the public while probate cases are a matter of public record.

Maintaining control over financial and medical decisions: A power of attorney may allow you to pre-assign the responsibility of health care and financial decisions to a trusted decision maker. A power of attorney may also carefully define or limit the scope of this delegation of authority.

Avoiding judicial determination of incompetence:
If you are not able to manage your own affairs, an estate plan can allow you to appoint someone that you “chose” to take over your financial affairs instead of letting the court determine the identity of the person who assumes this responsibility.

Our Pennsylvania estate planning lawyers are dedicated to helping families plan for future disability or death. Our Pennsylvania legal team has established a prominent reputation for providing cost-effective estate planning solutions that accomplish the objectives of our clients while avoiding unnecessary cost and delay for our clients’ heirs. Seven of our attorneys have been named to the Pennsylvania Super Lawyers by Philadelphia Super Lawyers Magazine. We recognize the importance of carefully constructing estate plans that avoid costly probate litigation that can deprive your loved one’s of the wealth you have worked hard to build or cause unnecessary obstructions to conducting business or financial affairs. At the NEPA law firm of Dougherty Leventhal & Price, LLP we handle all types of probate matters from developing an estate planning strategy to drafting estate planning documents including wills, living trusts, power of attorneys and specialized trusts throughout Pennsylvania.

Our attorneys prepare all types of wills, living trusts, specialized trusts or other documents and estate planning devices including:

  • Complete estate plans
  • Wills for both single and married people
  • Probate and estate administration
  • Power of attorney over financial matters
  • Healthcare power of attorney
  • High net worth estates
  • Asset protection strategies
  • Business succession planning
  • Community and separate property agreements for married people

Contact Us for Effective Estate Planning and Probate Administration

Our dedicated NEPA estate planning lawyers are committed to representing our clients with commitment, personal attention and compassion. Our experienced Pennsylvania estate planning attorneys have an extensive background in handling the full range of estate planning and probate administration issues. Our knowledgeable team carefully analyzes your individual estate planning goals so that we can develop the best estate planning strategy to obtain your objective in a cost-effective manner.

We invite you to Contact Us Online or call us toll free at (877) DLP-9700 or (877) 357-9700 or visit us at one of our conveniently located offices in Moosic, Kingston, Honesdale or Hazleton. We serve all of Northeast Pennsylvania including but not limited to the following counties: Bradford County Personal InjuryCarbon County Personal InjuryColumbia County Personal InjuryLackawanna County Personal InjuryLuzerne County Personal InjuryMonroe County Personal InjuryPike County Personal InjurySullivan County Personal InjurySusquehanna County Personal InjuryTioga County Personal InjuryWayne County Personal InjuryWyoming County Personal Injury

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