Pressure Sores Are Often Caused by Poor Care In Nursing Homes

Date: January 6, 2012

Pressure ulcers and the infections that can result from them are often preventable in the nursing home setting. If you have a loved one in a nursing home make sure that the resident is checked to make sure that he or she is not suffering from breakdowns of the skin. At DLP our lawyers have years of experience in dealing with cases of abuse and neglect in the nursing home and personal care home setting. Attys Pat Dougherty and Sean McDonough can answer any questions that you may have in the event that you believe that a family member has been subjected to abuse or neglect.

Bed Sores or Pressure Sores

  • Bed sores can develop after extended pressure or rubbing on vulnerable areas of the body. Bed sores are sometimes called pressure sores or pressure ulcers, and most commonly occur on bony or cartilaginous areas of the body.
  • Bed sores are classified into five stages based on their severity. Complications may arise among nursing home patients with bed sores due to a lack of blood circulation.
Sean McDonough
Upon graduation from law school, he entered the private practice of law with Dougherty, Leventhal & Price. He has been a partner with the firm since 1993. Over the years, Sean has concentrated his practice in the areas of personal injury litigation; he has also represented governmental entities and officials in federal civil rights and employment lawsuits. Sean also works on many of DLP's Nursing Home Abuse cases.