Reckless Tractor Trailer Drivers and Trucking Companies are Liable for Punitive Damage

Date: February 9, 2018
Posted In: Truck Accidents

Pennsylvania Truck Accident Lawyers

Most of us have experienced the extreme fear caused by seeing a tractor trailer in our rear-view mirror approaching our vehicle at a high rate of speed on an interstate highway.  Fortunately, most times nothing happens.  However, when a tractor trailer driver is extremely fatigued because he has been driving too long, horrific collisions often occur that result in catastrophic injuries to innocent motorists.  DLP regularly represents seriously injured truck accident victims to get them the compensation they deserve.

Punitive Damages in a Pennsylvania Truck Accident Case

When a motor vehicle accident is caused by another driver’s negligence or carelessness, those persons injured in the accident are entitled to recover compensatory damages from the responsible driver (and his insurance carrier).  Compensatory damages include pain & suffering, medical expenses, lost wages and out-of-pocket expenses.  However, when an accident is caused by a driver’s reckless conduct (such as when a truck driver is on the road in excess of the mandatory time limits imposed by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations), punitive damages are recoverable against the driver and his insurance carrier.  Punitive damages are imposed to punish the offender and to deter others from engaging in similar outrageous conduct in the future.  Although the amount of punitive damages awarded to a truck accident victim must bear a relationship to the amount of the victim’s compensatory damages, punitive damages can and often times do exceed the compensatory damage award.

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