Ridge touts gas biz ties to community

Date: February 28, 2011

Former Pa. governor is an adviser for the pro-gas Marcellus Shale Coalition.

The Associated Press

WATERVILLE — Former Gov. Tom Ridge is helping a natural gas industry group unveil what it calls a set of guiding principles representing a commitment to Pennsylvania communities.

Ridge is an adviser for the Marcellus Shale Coalition, which advocates for companies drilling into the lucrative reserve of natural gas deep underground much of Pennsylvania.

He attended a discussion Friday at a state forest resource management center in Waterville, where the coalition unveiled its “Commitment to the Community” principles.

It was billed as an industry-wide roundup of best practices by gas drillers in the state.

Ridge and others were also invited by Anadarko Petroleum to visit natural gas drilling sites and related facilities in the Sproul State Forest north of Lock Haven as an example of how the principles were being used.

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