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Date: August 19, 2019

Scranton Neck Injury Lawyer

Most of us have experienced symptoms of pain or discomfort in the cervical spine- the neck- at one time or another. We also use the phrase “pain in the neck” to refer to a person, task or thing that we find annoying or irritating. But an injury to the cervical spine can often be quite serious and require medical care and treatment.

What are Common Causes of Workers’ Compensation Neck Injuries?

Neck injuries can be caused by physical activity, including activities performed while on the job. A slip and fall in the workplace may cause sudden movement of the head and neck that results in neck injury or neck pain. Or one may suffer a direct blow to the head or neck from a falling box, from a low hanging beam or due to the carelessness of a co-worker. Or someone may get rear-ended in a work-related motor vehicle accident and suffer a whiplash-type injury. Those types of work-related neck injuries are considered “acute” as they result from a particular event or occurrence. Another type of work-related neck injury is the injury caused by work activity that occurs over a period of time. This is known as a “repetitive trauma” injury. This could result from work activities that involve frequent bending and twisting of the head and neck or continuous lifting above shoulder level.

Neck Injuries in the Workplace

Neck symptoms caused by a work injury can be minor or severe. Neck injuries range from a mild strain to a full-blown cervical disc herniation that requires extensive care and even surgery. With neck injuries, other symptoms may follow, including tingling, numbness, loss of sensation or weakness in the arms or hands. Whether your work-related neck injury or neck symptoms are acute or chronic, mild or severe, it is important that you report the injury and symptoms to your employer immediately and that request and receive the proper medical care and attention.

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