Staffing and Quality of Care in Nursing Homes is Achievable

Staffing and Quality of Care in Nursing Homes is Achievable
Date: January 8, 2024

While the CMS staffing mandate proposed earlier this year is crucial in improving the quality of care for long-term care residents, some feel that the staffing requirements are simply unrealistic. However, what is not discussed is that nonprofit nursing homes far exceed CMS’s proposed staffing standard.

A study by CMS discovered that nonprofit nursing homes provide 43 minutes of direct care per resident each day. Data shows that in all but one state, nonprofit nursing homes reported higher staffing levels than for-profit nursing homes. This staffing data in and of itself proves that better staffing by CMS’s mandate is attainable.

It is no secret that for-profit nursing homes have purposely understaffed their facilities to increase profits. Who truly knows where the money is going? But CMS’s staffing mandate can help put a stop to this behavior. The mandate would require the for-profit industry to put the taxpayer dollars they receive on resident care.

By standing with CMS and their proposed staffing requirements, we can adopt a strong standard that will ensure that Medicare and Medicaid dollars are being used for resident care. The staffing requirements are certainly achievable as non-profits have been exceeding expectations for quite some time now.

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Julia Kourpas