Tips for Averting Slip and Fall Injuries within the Pennsylvania Oil and Gas Industry

Oil And Gas Industry Workers’ Compensation Lawyer
Date: March 9, 2022

Statistics: According to the Department of the Interior, approximately 23% of worker injuries and 36% of deaths in the oil and gas industry occur because of falls. In order to lower this number, companies need to be vigilant in keeping their workers aware of all obstacles that could potentially cause a fall.

How To Prevent Slip and Fall Accidents in the Oil and Gas Industry

First, companies need to make sure that all equipment is up to date and is safe for the worker to use. The article uses an example of an old pipe that has a leak. The leak causes the ground to be wet and slippery, therefore having the potential for someone to fall due to the negligence of the pipes. Everything almost always has the risk of leaking such as pump trucks, blenders, and hydraulic systems.

No-slip grating can be a temporary fix, but machinery and equipment need to be cleaned routinely. Not only can machines cause falls, but the article stresses that even physical items can be the cause of these high numbers. Tools, cords, packing materials, and supplies are small things that tend to be thrown on the floor. This is dangerous and can be detrimental, especially during a busy and chaotic workday. A solution to this is making sure the space is organized and having designated toolboxes or containers that will allow for more workspace and less clutter. In addition to decreasing injuries, these tips will help companies stay more organized and get work done more efficiently with a safe environment and a clean workspace.

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