Webinar October 20th to look at natural gas compression in pipeline systems

Date: October 16, 2011
The new season’s webinar series starts out by looking at natural gas compressor stations and exactly why they are necessary
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A Web-based seminar will be presented at 1 p.m. Oct. 20 by Penn State Extension and will examine the need for and performance of compressor stations in natural-gas pipeline delivery systems.

The 75-minute session features a presentation by Glenn Wininger, project engineer, with Englobal Engineering, Inc., titled “Compressor Stations: the Necessity and Expectations.”

A pipeline system in states like Pennsylvania, underlain by the gas-holding Marcellus shale, is rapidly expanding to transport gas from the thousands of wells drilled into the mile-deep formation in the last few years.

“In my talk, I will try to offer a basic understanding of gas compression,” Wininger said. “There are different types of compression units and I will cover them. It is necessary for the gas industry to compress gas for transport in pipelines.

“We will also discuss the factors that necessitate gas compression and the requirements for increased compression throughout the lifetime of a gas well. And we’ll look at enclosed versus non-enclosed compression stations, air-quality concerns from gas compression and noise concerns from gas compression.”

The webinar is part of a series of online workshops addressing opportunities and challenges related to the state’s Marcellus Shale gas boom. Information about how to register for the session is available on the webinar page of Penn State Extension’s natural-gas website at http://extension.psu.edu/naturalgas/webinars.

Previous webinars, publications and information on natural gas related topics are available on the Penn State Extension natural-gas website, http://extension.psu.edu/naturalgas

For more information about the webinar, contact John Turack, extension educator in Westmoreland County, at (724) 837-1402 or by email at jdt15@psu.edu .

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