What They\’re Saying: Marcellus Multiplier is Putting Pennsylvania Back to Work, is a “Tsunami of Economic Opportunity”

Date: November 16, 2010
  • “The Marcellus Shale represents a transformational opportunity for the commonwealth”
  • “This is a huge game changer for Pennsylvania”
  • “The real opportunity… is in the supply chain”
  • “The numbers are big, gigantic… In 2008, the industry brought $3.2 billion into Pennsylvania” in the form of royalty payments

“Vets find a buddy in gas industry”: “Today, we thank our veterans for their service and for keeping our homeland safe. Transitioning from the battlefield to civilian life can be challenging, especially during one of the deepest economic downturns in our nation\’s history,” Kathryn Klaber, president and executive director of the Marcellus Shale Coalition, said in a press release. Fortunately, as Marcellus Shale development expands, so do job opportunities for veterans, Klaber said. One company that actively recruits veterans for gas industry work is Chesapeake Energy. The company employs 36 former junior military officers (lieutenants or captains) and more than 100 former servicemen who joined the company through Troops 2 Roughnecks – a private company that trains enlisted personnel for employment on drill rigs. (Times-Leader, 11/11/10)

“Marcellus Shale Brings Potential for More Jobs”: “The job opportunities associated with the natural gas drilling industry reach well beyond the rigs. “Things like surveyors are a real key skill for us,” said Mark Scheuerman, chairman of the Marcellus Shale Coalition Workforce Committee. “Other activities such as landscape architects, truck and trailer driving and repairs.” … A recent Penn State study estimates Marcellus Shale could generate 88,000 jobs in Pennsylvania alone. “I think this opportunity is wonderful for the Valley as a whole becauseit\’s going to bring new job opportunities,” said Jackie Kuffel, MCCTC Career Development supervisor. “High skill, high wage jobs, which our students are able to jump on that opportunity and be a part of that.” (WKBN-TV, 11/13/10)

University of Md. Environmental Prof.: “Natural gas is the cleanest of fossil fuels, causing only half as much CO2 emissions as coal burned in a power plant. It\’s domestic, versatile and can enable a clean, sustainable energy sector. It\’s too good to waste.” (Baltimore Sun,11/15/10)

Putting Pennsylvanians to Work: “Nicholas said his company outgrew its leased offices, with 11 employees working in a space designed for six. He said the company anticipates 25 to 35 employees will work out of the new office as the company\’s operations expand. … As its office expands, Nicholas said, Southwestern is committed to hiring local workers. ‘You hear a lot of things about (gas industry) workers being imported from other places,\’ Nicholas said, ‘but today we have 11 people working there and there\’s only one transfer from Alabama. The rest are local hires.\’” (Times-Leader, 11/11/10)

Gov. Ridge: “Let\’s make sure Marcellus Shale is developed correctly”: “The Marcellus Shale represents a transformational opportunity for the commonwealth; one that will use our skilled workforce, reduce energy costs for consumers and enhance our economic and environmental well-being. I stand ready to work with our governor-elect, the newly elected state officials and all of my fellow citizens to make sure we develop this resource the right way. (Patriot-News, 11/12/10)

‘Shaleionaires\’ in West Virginia: “Chesapeake says it paid out $64 million in royalties to West Virginia mineral rights owners in 2009, and that despite the recent drop in natural gas prices; they won\’t just drill the Upshur County well and cap it. ‘We have no plans of slowing up here,\’ Anderson said.” (WBOY-TV, 11/15/10)

“Two Saudi Arabias of oil”: “In the last few years, we\’ve discovered the equivalent of two Saudi Arabias of oil in the form of natural gas in the United States. Not one, but two,” Aubrey McClendon, the CEO of Chesapeake Energy, told “60 Minutes” correspondent Lesley Stahl. “Wait, we have twice as much natural gas in this country, is that what you\’re saying, than they have oil in Saudi Arabia?” Stahl asked. “I\’m trying to very clearly say exactly that,” he replied. (CBS/60 Minutes, 11/14/10)

“This is a tsunami of economic opportunity”: “Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection Deputy Secretary Scott Roberts said at current prices, there is about $2.5 trillion worth of gas underground in the Allegheny region. … “This is not a tidal wave. This is a tsunami of economic opportunity,” [Bill Polacek, chief executive officer of JWF] said. (WJAC-TV, 11/12/10)

“The next gold rush” for Small Businesses: “J. Scott Roberts, deputy secretary of the state Department of Environmental Protection, and Alvin Thomas II, a senior vice president of Global Geophysical Services Inc., addressed the business crowd Friday at the Pasquerilla Conference Center. “That\’s where the opportunity is, manufacturing the shovels, if you will, for the next gold rush,” Thomas said. And the numbers are big, gigantic. Roberts said the value of the natural gas locked in the shale is $2.5 trillion. In 2008, he said, the industry brought $3.2 billion into Pennsylvania, largely as payments to landowners. This year, that\’s expected to hit $8.8 billion. (Tribune-Democrat, 11/12/10)

Top PA DEP Official Says Marcellus Multiplier “A huge game changer”: “This is the infancy. No one has missed any opportunities here,” Roberts said. He said Pennsylvania\’s shale is expected to produce gas for the next 50 years, and it might take 20 years just to drill all the wells. The real opportunity for Greater Johnstown is in the supply chain, Roberts reiterated. … “This is a huge game changer for Pennsylvania,” Roberts said. (Tribune-Democrat, 11/12/10)

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