Why Are we Witnessing Such An Increase In Fatal Truck Accident Cases?

Date: May 7, 2019

Pennsylvania Truck Accident Lawyer

The experienced truck accident lawyers at Dougherty Leventhal & Price, LLP have noticed a significant increase in the number of Truck Accident fatalities being handled by the firm.  Why are so many innocent drivers of passenger vehicles, innocent pedestrians and other experienced truck drivers finding themselves at peril due to the negligent and reckless driving of a minority of truckers on the road?

Why are there so many Semi Truck Accidents?

The answers are complex but a few reasons standout:

  1. Recent studies reveal a tremendous shortage of truck drivers placing extreme pressure on the entire industry.  Estimates of upwards to 60,000 needed drivers are viewed as conservative.  With the economy churning along demand is severe to transport more and more cargo to market.  With this added pressure and demand comes mistakes and recklessness resulting in accidents.
  2. In an effort to keep to their schedule, and with the great influx of delays caused by weather and numerous road construction projects, drivers are confronted with “making time” resulting in excess speeding which in turn results in more accidents.
  3. The over use of prescription medication has also filtered down into the trucking industry.  Although alcohol and illicit drugs are still the cause of some truck accidents, these numbers are dwarfed when compared to truckers driving “DUI” while ingesting legal prescribed drugs.  Opioids such as Oxycodone are a leading cause of major trucks collisions.
  4. With the demands to move cargo, squeezed profit margins and the pressures of the marketplace, truck/trailer defects are a major contributor to accidents.  Defective brakes, drums and rotors are a leading cause of truck failures.  Other problems caused by shoddy or lack of maintenance programs are also critical factors.
  5. Pressure to deliver on time also results in extreme fatigue and failure of drivers and their companies to follow DOT safe driving requirements.  Operating their trucks in excess of rest hour mandates results in drivers falling asleep at the wheel with catastrophic results.

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Joe Price
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