Date: March 24, 2012
Posted In: DLP Law | Serious Injury

Spring has sprung early this year and everyone’s dogs are ready to get out of the house and run.  Please know that Pennsylvania has enacted specific laws to protect the public from roaming dogs.  Back in the 1970s, I remember having to cross a street in order to avoid a dog in someone’s front yard. This is not the case anymore.  Pursuant to 3 P.S. 459-305, a dog owner must keep his or her dog at all times: (1) confined within the premises of the owner, (2) firmly secured by means of a collar and chain or other device so that it cannot stray beyond the premises on which it is secured; or (3) under the reasonable control of some person.  This section was enacted to protect against personal injury, property damages and other hazards created by roving dogs. Miller v. Hurst, 302 Pa. Super. 235, 448 A.2d614 (1982).  Therefore, keep your dogs secure this year so that everyone is safer.  However, if you or your family do encounter a roaving dog that bites you and causes serious or catastrophic injuries, please call the 13 personal injury lawyers at DLP who have been winning dog bite case in Northeastern Pennsylvania for the last 30 years.  Remember: INJURY? CALL DLP! Brian G. Price, Esquire

Brian Price
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