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While some car accidents are the result of natural or external factors, others are caused by driver negligence. In fact, cell phone usage alone is responsible for thousands of automobile crashes every year. The NHTSA also identified decision-making errors on the part of the driver as causing many car crashes. For instance, if a driver decides to speed, he/she could easily lose control of the vehicle and cause a wreck. Many car accidents are the result of a combination of factors, too. A distracted driver is significantly more likely to cause a serious accident if he/she is driving on a wet roadway.

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$14.5 Million Recovered

Highway “Drop Off” Case

$14 Million Recovered

Truck Accident / Death Claim

$14 Million Recovered

Truck Accident / Death Claim

$4 Million Recovered

Medical Malpractice

$1.75 Million Recovered

Product Liability

$2.2 Million Recovered

Insurance Bad Faith

$540K Recovered

Dog Bite

$1 Million Recovered

Skilled Nursing Facility

If you have been injured in a car collision, DLP can help.

If you have been injured in a car accident that was caused by another driver, contact our firm for help pursuing the compensation you deserve. We have earned a reputation for getting results for our clients and will fight to maximize the amount of financial compensation you receive.

What Causes Car Accidents?

Excessive speed; hazardous road or weather conditions; vehicles with defective equipment; poorly maintained vehicles; defectively designed vehicles; drug and alcohol use. All of these (And many more) can be a factor resulting in an car accident and injury.

A wide variety of serious and sometimes deadly injuries may result from an auto accident. Brain and spinal cord injuries; concussions; broken bones; internal organ and tissue injuries; severe burns; amputations; and bruises are just a small amount of injuries you may sustain.

The mental costs to an individual and his or her family are as staggering as the physical injuries. Death or permanently disabling injuries; a lifetime of pain and suffering; huge medical bills and loss of income are only the beginning to the misery one may face with serious injury.


If you have been injured in a car collision, DLP can help. You may be entitled to substantial money damages for your injuries, even if you appear to have only minor injuries. Let a lawyer from DLP assist you and your family in recovering expenses from your car accident injury. From medical expenses as a result of your injury – including future expenses – to the physical pain and suffering you have sustained, A DLP Lawyer can help you recover financially from devastating automobile accident. In some cases, if your spouse or child has been injured, you may be entitled to collect damages for the loss of pleasure or companionship you have experienced as a result of their auto accident injuries.

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Auto Wreck Injuries

 Pennsylvania auto accident injury cases can be incredibly complex and there are many footfalls on way to a substantial recovery, so obtaining the assistance of an experienced attorney is paramount. Insurance companies will be involved, and their attorneys are ordered to do whatever it takes to prevent you from recovering anything.


Additionally, newer cars contain computers which monitor many of the car’s processes, and the data from these computers can be critical to the outcome of a case. Obtain this data and in interpreting it will require skill and determination. In many cases, you’ll need expert witnesses – such as investigators, reconstruction specialists, orthopedic surgeons and other professionals to identify the cause, nature and extent of your injuries.

Accordingly, you need experienced and aggressive personal injury attorneys to handle your case. DLP knows how to handle these cases. If you have been injured, know that we have faced drivers, manufacturers, bus and trucking companies and other defendants who have caused motor vehicle crashes, and we have recovered millions of dollars in verdicts and settlements on behalf of our clients.